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WordPress says no.

This is a public service announcement. Monkey supped on her molasses as she wrote a lovely long post all about our five days in Panama. We stayed in a cockroachy, mirror clad hotel with a picture of a bemused horse standing under a chandlier, we crossed the border with great difficulty and not a lot of amusement, we stood in an air conditioned room sipping piña coladas and looking at a lake. We met two of our fellow passengers on the boat we have booked for ourselves and Robin, bound for Colombia. We tipped our heads back and gazed open mouthed at the skyscrapers of new Panama City and slurped through the heat and beautiful frayed edges of old Panama City. We were charged a fortune for what turned out to be a vip cinema to watch Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars from the comfort of electronic reclining armchairs swankily clad in black leather, each with a table lamp and big red button to call an assistant. We definitely did not press the big red button because we can’t help purselves in the presence of big red buttons…..

We rode out of the city at six thirty in the morning and spotted a big crowd of bikers waving at us from a roadside caff. Circling back, we joined them, admiring bikes and proudly showing off our eccentric Robin. We were left for dust when we all set off again and we discovered that we ride rather ponderously. We bumbled through a beautiful, damp cloud forest, rain drizzling down our helmets before we came across a little group of bikers smoking cigarettes intensely, one squashed pannier and bruised hips and knees. We remembered why we drive slowly.

We reached the coast, a tiny village called Carti and were ushered to a tiny jetty where eighteen bikes and twenty riders collect in dribs and drabs including our friends Bev and John who have been persuaded to join us. A big, rusty old yacht was anchored out at sea and we were excited to see it. A little motorboat appeared and was soon heaped up with our bags and panniers, then finally us. We deposited our spoils on the Stahlratte yacht and returned to the motorboat. One rider produced a little, black drone and flew it in the air to take beautiful videos from high above the crows nest. We were headed to Colombia. It was super. Then wordpress deleted the whole post and every draft and the Monkey flung her spoon in to the molasses and groaned


Bloody bloody wordpress! The whole bloody post! Well I’m not writing that again!


And so, she didn’t.

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