“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well.”

~ Virginia Woolf

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From Mexico to Morocco, Puglia to Peru and El Salvador to Egypt, Monkey & Molasses take you all over the world at one off pop-ups in locations across the UK. If you dream of dining in Guadalajara or snacking in Salvador but don’t fancy the flight, join our mailing list, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for updates on upcoming pop-ups.

See our gallery for past events and visit our shop for tickets to current events.


We cater for events too! Fancy a dinner party but don’t want to peel the spuds? Getting married and want to send your guests home full or delicious food? Having a party? Just want to surround yourself with cake?

Monkey & Molasses are based in London and can cater for any event. We shape our menus to fit around what you want to eat & to fit any dietary requirements!

Please contact us with any enquiries and we will be happy to help.

Food & travel writing

Monkeys love to travel and they love to eat. What’s more, they write about it too! Monkey & Molasses have travelled the world collecting recipes and eating everything in sight and then they’ve written about it.  Once we have all four paws on home turf again, we cook, forage and chomp our way through everything good to eat in London and across the UK.

See what’s a-cookin’ and a-munchin’ in our blog.